We are company dedicated 

 to the production and sale
of high-quality hats (sombreros) and caps..

With nearly two centuries of history, we have always sought to serve and satisfy our customers in Mexico and abroad, offering quick service and complete solutions. We offer highly competitive and trendy products to meet customer needs and tastes for fashion and design. We are an innovative, creative, and profitable Mexican company, renowned for providing reliable service to our customers when it comes to design and fashion. We highly value continuous innovation, honesty, responsibility, and open communication with our customers, as well as respectful, quality service. We know these values have allowed TARDAN to remain a stronghold in the market for more than 170 years.


It was 1847, and the United States was raising its flag above the National Palace as a symbol of its victorious role in the fight in which Mexico lost more than half its territory. Despite this, in what was "Portal de los Mercaderes" — now the Plaza de la Constitución — various stores and businesses flourished, including a hat shop that imported garments from Europe and the United States. It was the century for exalting beauty, of the made-in-Mexico aesthetic. The years passed and in 1870, Francisco Dallet, a French immigrant, acquired the hat shop known as "El Beaver brown." The business continued to develop and grow, so its owner decided to buy the adjacent hat shop called "El Sombrero Colorado," which was owned by Th. Pellotier, and founded in 1869. Two important hat shops had been consolidated in the capital citys Zócalo, which had booming commercial activity.

In 1899 the company become tardan hermanos,

The helm

In 1880, 18-year-old Charles (Carlos) Tardan arrived to Veracruz. This young entrepreneur was born in the enchanting town of Bosdarros, in the Lower Pyrenees, very close to Pau, France, to seek fortune in Mexico. He moved to Mexico City and worked as a waiter in "El Cazador," a café located on the corner of Plateros and Monte de Piedad. A neighbor of Dallet's hat shop, Carlos Tardan didn't take long to meet Mr. Dallet, who offered him a job at his shop. The Porfirio Díaz period was an excellent moment for this business, as it was the best hat shop in the country at a time when everyone — including women and children — had to wear a hat even if they wanted to go outside. Francisco Dallet and Carlos Tardan ended up as partners and the young Tardan — seeing the potential of business development — decided to call on his younger brothers Auguste (Augusto) and Victor (Víctor), who were around 15 at the time, to come work for this successful company. In 1899, the company became Tardan Hermanos, with the Tardan brothers at the helm. Those were years with abundant sales and the company's prosperity allowed Don Carlos to retire, with his two brothers taking the lead. The challenges and desire to continue growing pushed these two entrepreneurs to learn the felt production technique to create the hats in Mexico. It was important to replace imports with domestic production. With this goal, the Tardan brothers decided to incorporate their nephew Carlos — son of Pierre, the other brother — into the business, who sought to replace imports with products made in Mexico. He was sent to England, Germany, and Italy to learn how to make felt hats. Young Carlos Tardan left for the First World War, but at its end, he returned to finish setting up and modernizing the factory that was on Plaza de San Salvador el Verde, which is now between 5 de Febrero, Fray Servando, and Chimalpopoca.

The phrase From Sonora to Yucatán, Tardan hats are worn could be heard in Mexico during the early 20th Century, and little by little all it took was for one person to start singing it and everyone else nearby would finish the song — the Tardan brand had become a household name. We can say with much pride that it was one of the first Mexican slogans, and without a doubt one of the most successful.

Advertising was explored in different formats: ads in bullrings, insertions in the press, and toward the 1920s as a radio program that was sponsored on XEW. Very soon this business understood that the slogan and the brand, supported by its design and high quality, were essential for customers to identify the hats, so great care was taken for "Tardan" to become synonymous with the garment. Of course, the brand remains a stronghold. The oldest document we have is the Trademark Registration from Nov. 23, 1904, and has since been renewed year after year. In the 1960s and 1970s, Tardan was also registered as a brand in Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and El Salvador, markets where the Italian Borsalinos and U.S. Stetsons were competing. This effort was also meant to protect Tardan against counterfeiting. Nowadays, the Hispanic communities in the United States recognize the Tardan hats.

Since it was established, the factory has produced wool and fur hats, achieving prestige in both Mexico and abroad. Tardan was a family business that split into two in 1959. One part was dedicated to the industry (called Sombreros Unidos, S.A.)and the other to sales and brand reputation, which still carries the name Tardan. In 1976, Pedro Tardan (son of Carlos, founder of the factory) acquired the other remaining part of the Tardan Corporation (commercial), as well as the brands, while some of his cousins continued producing felt hats. Over time the factory was sold and only continued to produced wool felt hats.

Tardan supported itself with domestic wool production and with imported Stetson fur felt hats, maintaining its sales volume without having to depend on bank loans. Between 1994 and 1998, Tardan reorganized and the factory concentrated on producing wool and fur felt hats. This allowed Tardan Hermanos Sucesores S.A. to offer their clientele an extensive line of quality items. Thanks to our customers and to the acceptance of caps and hats, Tardan continues a nearly two-century tradition.


Materials of the highest quality

Now, at the beginning of the 21st Century, Tardan has continued to produce garments using domestic and imported materials of the highest quality, offering a wide selection. We continue to be an innovative and creative Mexican company that has grown alongside Mexican history, and which has a promising future. Let's not forget that hats are the only accessory that change your style and facial appearance, used for both fashion and protection. We continue to take care of the design and fashion of the garments we produce, taking advantage of technology and textile developments so that we can offer our customers items with the latest benefits. We have begun to diversify the brand with accessories, including belts, wallets, blouses, and guayaberas (a lightweight men’s shirt). As it has done for nearly two centuries, Tardan continues to offer the highest-quality garments with major benefits for our customers.